Meet Patricia

Patricia Kalligosfyris is the PC Candidate for Toronto Danforth

Patricia Kalligosfyris, like so many residents of Toronto Danforth, embodies the value and character traits that Ontario’s foundations were built on. Patricia is a second generation Greek Canadian who was raised with the principles of inclusivity, hard work, and determination.

Surrounded and encouraged by her strong community, Patricia pursued and achieved degrees in history, business, and education. She also went on to complete her Master’s in Education. Patricia is actively involved in the community, and as a high school teacher, she promotes a fun and challenging curriculum while pushing students to their potential. Education is of the utmost importance to Patricia, and she wants to bring positive change to Ontario Education.

When Patricia’s grandparents first made the decision to leave their home in Greece to come to this great country and province, they came here with the hope of a better future for their children. This was the province of hope and opportunity. This is not the case anymore. Patricia is worried about the future of this province. It is for this reason that she knew she needed to get involved and help make changes. It is, for this reason, she chose to run for MPP with the PC Party.

She believes it is time for a change!